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What We Believe In
Edited by Ellen Marie Jensen

Sámi Religuous Experience and Beliefs from 1593 to the Present
With a collection of updated texts on religion, healing practices, and beliefs, this book takes us from the time of the Sámi noaidi ("shaman”) up to the present day. The book begins  with a chapter on the pre-Christian noaidevuohta ("shamanism”), followed by an account of the violent persecution of the Sámi pre-Christian way of life in the 1600s and 1700s. Then we are introduced to Laestadianism, the pietistic, Lutheran movement founded by Lars Levi Laestadius that took hold in the North and Lule Sámi areas in the middle of the 1850s. Finally, we learn about Sámi folk medicine traditions, which continue to exist alongside modern forms of medicine, thus representing cultural continuity and belief in traditional values from the time of the noaidi.

ISBN: 978-82-8263-177-8

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